OurEvents and Offers


For kids who see the world with candid minds and fantastic imaginations, magic shows are always interesting and special attractions. For them every day is a new adventure of discovery, mystery, and wonderment .To entertain kids Amaze World organize magic shows of Manu Mankombu every day which includes magic shows like “shadow house magic” and “mayakannadi”.


Amaze World presents your kids with incredible laser shows, often synchronized to music and operated by a laser technician. The light emitted from these laser projectors creates different shapes like animals, birds and fishes which seems to “hang” in mid-air. Our main aim is to dazzle children of all ages, and to inspire them to seize the educational opportunities that science and technology provide.


At Amaze world we also organize birthday parties especially for kids, with lots of entertainment. We consider the likes of children and arrange thematic decorations and various entertainment programs such as magic show, laser show which will enhance the children’s enjoyment. We give importance to every minor requirement which make a celebration incredible and give you a life time memories.