Amaze World 9D dynamic theater, is a multi-dimensional virtual space by the environment surrounding the film, composed together to create a new audio-visual system allowing viewers to experience the maximum simulated reality scenes.

As a form of creative expression film developed on the basis of the movie in 9D movies visual, hearing, smell, touch and movement are perfectly integrated so that the viewers watching the film not only can hear the movie but also allows them to feel, smell, involve and fantasize with the movie as if it’s real.

9D Cinemas come with the most advanced 8 to 12 degree seat arrangement, environmental effects and fantastic visual experience, like Rain, Fog, simulated thunder and lightning, dark clouds, Fire, Wind Bubbles, Smell, Snow, Storm, Ticklers and

movements in a perfect blend. These effects allow you to plunge into the world of virtual reality where technology has been perfectly used to combine and create visual effects.

For example, when watching 9D movie in Amaze World, if the movie playback inbuilt rain scenes, we have done environmental effects which will make the audience watching the film to sense the rain on their body, the wind blowing, the fog from the movie and the creatures in the film very near to them.

Movies run from 5 to 10 minutes each depending on the movie you choose. The types of movies are: Forest adventure, Adventure Roller Coaster, Deep Trek, Snow Battle, Mad car racing, Adventure flight, Dinosaur Journey, Earthquake, Space War and more.