Our state Kerala is home to gorgeous landscapes, vibrant waterfalls, and historic treasures that all can enjoy. But right now, our young generations are spending more time in front of TV and computer than exploring, playing and enjoying in the spectacular outdoor places that belong to all of them.

Playing outdoors includes physical activities like climbing, sliding, rocking, swinging, jumping, running that are very much essential for the well-being and wholesome physical development of every child. When children play, they will attain both physical and mental benefits like muscle strength, coordination, and gain self-confidence. Kids will like to use their whole mind and soul while playing outdoors and also when they are playing with other children they will find such physical activities interesting and challenging. It should also be noted that children playing outdoors get opportunity to explore their environment which improves their creativity and problem solving capability.

Amaze World Vijay Park, Alappuzha offers many outdoor rides which gives your children a chance to use their muscles to run, swing, climb, and to be out in the fresh air and natural light. Parents can watch from far their children enjoying and playing in a safe and hygiene environment, which will help them to forget all tensions of daily tasks.


Amaze World presents a visual treat for your kids, which includes magic show, laser show and a 9D Theater.

For kids who see the world with candid minds and fantastic imaginations magic shows are always interesting and special attractions. Amaze World organize magic shows of Manu Mankombu every day which includes magic shows like “shadow house magic” and “mayakannadi”. Imported magic toys and equipments are available in Amaze World magic vision stall.

We also have a 9D Theater using virtual reality technology with a collection of about 200 9D films. In the 9D Theater you can enjoy video films along with environmental effects like hurricanes, thunder, lightning, rain, vibrations of earthquakes, fog, etc. The spectators watching the film can sense the rain on their body, the wind blowing, the fog from the movie and the creatures in the film very near to them.

Special laser show is also arranged for the kids in Amaze World.


Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime in amusement parks varying from skinned knees to serious injuries.

Safety of your kids is the prime importance for us, for that Amaze World has a number of safety measures to ensure absolutely safe environment for you and your family. We have daily safety check on every ride, security staffs on duty at rides.

Don't undermine that it is the operator's responsibility to keep your children safe, keep an eye on your child and make sure that your child follow Park Rules and is supervised as necessary. Parents should never compromise with the minimum height Restrictions and should choose rides with restraints that fit your child's body and can't be easily opened. Also make sure your child can stay in a stable position for the whole ride.

And most importantly don't let Kids Supervise Kids regarding Safe riding in the park.

Be prepared to have fun: Educate yourself and your children about amusement park safety so you can have the time of your lives!


Alappuzha (Alleppey), known as “The Venice of the East” is blessed with some of the most amazing extensions of the sun-kissed sand in the world and a network of rivers flowing through the place.

Amaze World Vijay Park is littoral to the Alappuzha beach on the Sea View Ward and is nearly 2.5 kms from the Alappuzha town. The park is located very near to the 150 year old Alappuzha Lighthouse, the most recognized and known landmarks of the coastal tourist town for the last several decades. This location ensures that our visitors can remain in a placid atmosphere of peace and tranquility enjoying the natures green beauty and scenery. Both native and foreign people will be able to enjoy their day at Amaze World with the tremendous natural beauty all around.

Amaze World is a perfect place to visit and relax enjoying the cool breeze against your skin in an eco-friendly atmosphere, along with your kids who will be occupied in safe fun-filled activities.

“It’s been great for Amaze World, to be able to provide something extra for kids to do on the beach.”